Expert TPMS/Tire Sensor Service

At Al’s Hubcaps/TPMS Doctor we are trained & certified by virtually all sensor & tool manufacturers for TPMS. We carry reset & testing tools by Bartec, Atech, Orange, ITM, 31inc and Autel. We stock sensors and service kits from Schrader, Dill, Cub, ITM, 31inc, Huf, Pacific, Lear , Siemans and Oro-Tek.

We have actually been working with TPMS sensors since 1991 and have even worked on the sensors for the 1986 Porsche 928, the first production Tire Pressure Sensors (2 built into each wheel).

With over 2 decades of experience, we are the TPMS experts, we can test your sensors(always done for free) and then let you know what is wrong and what can be done quickly and at the lowest cost possible to get you safely back on the road.

Since we are a full service tire and wheel shop, checking your flat whether it be from TPMS problem, tire or rim we do it all and will get you back on the road in less time or money than your dealer ever could.

Besides having the best price and largest inventory, we at TPMS DOCTOR do full installation and reset on all cars, Domestic, European and Asian models, specializing in BMW, Mercdes Benz and Porsche.

Whether you need 1 sensor, 1 set of sensors or  you are looking for a wholesale supplier, we can help you with all your TPMS needs.

Including our owner, we have 3 ASE TPMS certified tech’s with 6 testing & reset tools including 4 OBDII tools. Put our experts to the test with our tire sensor service.

We are an ITM & Autel dealer for sensors & tools.

Tire Sensor

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