Rim & Wheel Polishing Services

When rims and wheels are cleaned and polished, they can shine like new. Due to the softness of aluminum is responds well to polishing. However, not all rims and wheels are coated the same. This is why it is important to properly polish your wheels periodically. At Al's Hubcaps, we provide this service for your convenience. If you are in need of our polishing services, please contact us today. We can provide you with all the necessary information.

Watch Out For Brake Dust

One of the most problematic issues when it comes to polishing wheels is the car's brake dust. Brake dust is made of an adhesive and carbon fibers that come off the pad and is constantly being made every time you drive. The intense heat and friction generated by the wheels when driving produces this corrosive mixture, so frequent cleaning  is required to keep your wheels safe.

Wheel Polishing

Some wheels have no top coating. All this determines is the type of polish that can be used. Since there is no need to worry about a coating, tougher and more thorough polishing materials can be used. Aluminum is a metal that can tarnish and rust, so it is important to remove the oxidation to prevent that from occurring. Oxidized aluminum typically requires a few steps in order to regain that original luster.

Steps For Wheel Polishing

Polishing the wheels on your car can go a long way in keeping them looking nice and having them last a long time. If you want to avoid any polish rim or wheel repairs, here are the simplified steps when polishing the wheels of your car:

  • First, you need to remove any thick oxidation with a clean. This allows for less work when it comes to removing the heavier oxidation. However, this first step does not replace any polishing. It simply eases the following steps. Also, it is important to only work on one wheel at a time.

  • Once you attach your polishing pad to your polisher, you can start polishing the wheel. Gradually increasing the speed as you go is an effective method.

  • Once you are done with the polisher, you can use a soft, microfiber towel to wipe the wheel clean.

  • Then, use a lighter polish to refine the finish of the wheel.

  • Again, once this step is completed, you can wipe down the wheel with a towel. If you think the wheel looks ready, you can move onto the final step. If not, you have the option of doing one more round of polishing with a lighter compound.

  • When wiping down with a towel, it is important to use a different towel or cloth each time you wipe down. Residue can be stuck to the towel, which can affect the new polish. So, just remember to change towels after every use.

Honestly, after the polishing you can be finished with the job. But if you want to go that extra mile for your car, you can use an ultra fine polished that can be applied by hand first. Once applied, use a polisher to get that rim in tip-top shape. Then use a towel to buff the wheel clean. At this point, your rim should be looking as good as new!

Polish Repair Services

Al's Hubcaps and Wheel Repair has been repairing and servicing cars for years on Long Island. From Brooklyn and Queens through Suffolk County, Al's is your one stop shop for all your wheel and rim repair services. Our trusted technicians provide an array of services, including polishing the wheels and rims of your car. If you're interested in our services, please give us a call at 516-742-6823. We will gladly help you with any questions or concerns you may have on the matter.