Expert Rim, Tire and Wheel Repairs

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  • We carry over 5,000 factory aluminum & steel wheels in new , used & reconditioned. All wheels sold meet OEM radial run out specs.
  • We also carry over 40 brands of custom wheels including:


  • We carry over 20 brands of new tires in all sizes up to 30”
  • We exclusively use Hunter tire machines & are trained & certified in road force balancing.
  • We guarantee to be a scratch free tire shop & digitally hand torque wheels back on the car
  • We are trained & certified on run flat tire installations & repairs.

Tire & Wheel Installation

  • We can mount & road force balance wheels & tires including quads & trailers up to 34”
  • Yes we can do tire stretching on the VW, Audi & all others.
  • We digitally hand torque back on all wheels & tires, we don’t scratch.
  • We carry lugs locks, spacers & hub centric rings for all cars & wheel manufacturers.
  • Over 600 hub centric spacers with & without lip for Mercedes, VW/Audi, BMW, & Porsche all in stock with extended bolts available up to 64mm in ball & acorn seat.
  • All our installers are ASE trained & certified.
  • We balance alloy wheels using scratch free tape weights in standard finish, black, white, red & gun metal.

Rim Repair

For over 30 years AL’S HUBCAPS has been repairing wheels both steel & aluminum from simple dent repairs to full repairs including paints, welding and even polishing rim and wheel repairs. Enough so that we have become experts in rim repairs.

  • We are the oldest wheel repair facility in NYS with the most modern up to date equipment.
  • We are the number 1 facility in the tri state area for wheel straightening up to 34" inch diameter, we never compromise structural integrity.
  • Chrome wheel straightening experts -- we can straighten chrome wheels without damaging the finish.
  • Chrome bead leaks repaired with 5 year warranty.
  • Full polishing of alloy wheels & all forms of metal parts done in house.
  • We also do full restoration on your classic steel wheels including Pontiac Rally 2's.
  • We stock over 2,000 2 & 3pc. Wheel assembly bolts in chrome & black and also the plastic chrome bolts.
  • Welding rim and wheel repairs for cars of any make or model.
  • Wholesale quantity available for wheel repair shops.                                  

Hubcaps, Wheel Covers & Center Caps

  • We started out with hubcaps & over 35 years later we are one of the largest on the East coast. We have an inventory of over 20,000 center caps & wheel covers that are new, used and reconditioned.
  • We carry factory & replica wheel covers & center caps including factory chrome replacement caps.
  • We welcome used car dealers and tire shops with competitive wholesale pricing and uncompromising expertise.

Lugs, Locks & Spacers

"If we don't have it in stock or not able to locate it, then you're screwed!"

  • We are the largest stocker of lugs & lug bolts in the U.S. We carry over 20,000 lugs & lug bolts in over 200 variations including chrome, black & red in many varied lengths and threads and even have left hand thread available.
  • We stock a full line of hub centric euro spacers for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and VW & Porsche & carry non hub centric for domestic & Asian cars. We also stock over 200 sets of hub centric rings for all cars & wheels.
  • We also carry 14 different metal valves including 60 & 90 degree in chrome, blue, red & black.


  • Also known as Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • We have been selling, installing & repairing TPMS since 1991, yes TPMS has been around since 1986. With over 25 years of experience in TPMS we can sell you a new one from our 600+ inventory or if all you need is the valve shaft then we probably have it  in stock. We are also certified in installation, repair & reset. We have 6 TPMS tools & can reset any car for 60%-85% off dealer price.
  • For our wholesale customers we can sell you sensors or set you up to do them at your shop at 60%-85% off dealer price for the TPMS and the tools.
  • NO ONE IN THE U.S. has more on hand experience in TPMS then AL’S HUBCAPS, NO ONE!!

Tire, Rim and Wheel Services You Can Trust!

Al's Hubcaps & Wheel Repair has years of experience providing expert repair services for rims, tires and wheels, as well as many other car repair services. Stop by our Mineola location to get the best service on Long Island. We also serve customers from Queens, Brooklyn and beyond. Contact us today for more information about our range of auto repair services.The number to call is 516-742-6823. Schedule any kind of service that your vehicle requires. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have concerning your car.